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Perform Plus


Perform Plus changes the way employees engage, have fun, and excel at work.
We're using smart technology and data to create highly connected, highly engaged workers, that ultimately drive business outcomes.


  • x2 Web Developers
  • x2 Backend Developers
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • PwC Director / Performance SME
  • x2 PwC Senior Manager / Performance SME
  • x4 PwC Senior Associates
  • Lead UX / Gamification SME (me)
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager

What we did

I worked with the Perform Plus team from 2018 to mid-2019. From brainstorming new roadmap features, solving design problems, delivering high-velocity development sprints and pioneering how the big and the small collaborate to create exciting new digital assets.

The Perform Plus platform uses gamification, recognition, goals and real-time transparency to create highly connected, highly engaged teams. That means more star performers were driving more substantial business outcomes for PwC clients.

Watching people using the product
User Observation

Sketches from a team workshop
Crazy Eight Exercise


Perform Plus recently won the 2020 PwC innovation award for most innovative digital product. PwC are still working on Perform Plus and continuing to explore behaviour change mechanics that drive positive workplace outcomes at scale.

mock up of live product
Background photo by Verne Ho on Unsplash


Nele Van Buggenhout
Nele Van Buggenhout
Director at PwC UK
"Brilliant designer with a beautiful eye for the minimalistic yet fun user experience we were trying to create with our product. Our users compliment often on how “easy to use” our product is and how “simple it looks” – even though it quite complex in its set up. Julien’s solid expertise, gorgeous creative brain, snazzy ideas and groovy sense of humour have been instrumental to designing and building some of our most loved features and creating the “friendly tone” of our product.

Beyond getting absolute fantastic value from Julien I’ve always enjoyed working with him, he puts genuine care in the work he does and the relationship he built with me as a client and the way we partnered up. All round excellent experience and excellent human being!"